What Do You Need For A Pressure Washing Business?

Pressure cleaning services are in surprisingly high demand. That means it can be a very profitable new business to launch.

There may be some financial outlay before you can get to work, but the easy nature of the work, as well as the potential profit margins, make it a business option that’s well worth looking at a little more closely.

A pressure washing business is the same as other businesses out there: there are always going to be risks.

But you might be surprised by how low-risk it might be to get yourself set up and building a regular client list with nothing more than some short walks and a pressure washer in hand.

Private or Commercial

Ideally, you want a combination of the two client types. Private clients will normally need their homes pressure washed, so you can expect to be seeing a lot of driveways, patios, and walkways.

For commercial clients, you may be expected to be adept at removing graffiti, clearing large car parks, or getting rid of discarded gum from public areas.

Commercial clients are always going to be more lucrative, but you should consider targeting private clients to start with.

This can help you to build up a list of regular work and establishing yourself and your name as a professional that can be trusted.

The more that you build your name, the easier it is to scale up to those larger and more profitable clients.

Tools and Equipment

This is the major element to consider. You’re going to need some basic equipment before you get started.

A van is going to be essential for getting from job to job, as well as the high powered pressure washer that is the base of your business.

Remember, you may not have access to a powerpoint so it’s worth looking at petrol powered pressure washers if you want commercial clients.

Rotary cleaners should also be a priority, as well as a water tank.

Generally, aim for a water tank that holds around 1000 liters, and make sure that your van has somewhere to secure it.

Business Essentials

You’re starting a business, and that means doing some basic business work beforehand.

You need to register with the government as a small business and you’re going to need insurance as well.

Some high-quality insurance policies have been designed specifically with the pressure washing business in mind, and these have been tailored to match the standard needs of this type of business model.

Look at pressure washing insurance so that your new business is not exposed to any costly risks. Pressure washers can be quite dangerous when used incorrectly, and any practical work can lead to accidents.

Insurance protects you, your clients, and any employees that you have to help you.

There are also many ways to grow a small business and taking the time out to research how to move your business forward will definitely come in handy.

Indeed, starting a pressure washing business is not something that many people give a lot of thought to, but the relatively small outlay and the potential for growth can be very tempting.

Do your research and don’t rush into taking on too many clients. Plan your business launch right, and you could be taking the first step on a brand new career.