Top 5 Hair Salons You Must Visit In Lagos Before You Clock 50

Welcome to another edition of our “Top 5” series! This is for the ladies who love their hair and the men who love to look sleek!

We are going to discover some of the most recommended hair salons you could have your hairdo in Lagos.

They are the top 5 hair salons we are recommending at TrustOrRun in this period of your life- if you are still under-50 at heart.

You certainly don’t want to walk into a salon for a fix, only for your goons to wonder what went wrong.

Comments like “Which carpenter fixed your head” or “You offend the barber”, can sometimes not be funny. Especially when you look in the mirror every morning.

So, how does this work?

1) You read about the hair salons listed in this post

2) Then you follow up by visiting these salons before you clock 5o.

3) Finally, you return to this site to search for the salon by name. Then you write an unbiased review about your experience and rate these salons according to the following categories: customer relations, cost, timeliness, quality of service and your likelihood to recommend to your friends.

Don’t forget to upload pictures. Or you can return to this article and follow the “Rate & write a review” link below each salon”.

Let the Discovery Begin: The top 5 hair salons for the under-50 at heart.


top 5 hair salons

The first thing you will notice on arrival is the beauty and awesomeness of this hair salon. As lovely as apples & oranges. They have various salon rooms, a barbershop, make-up studio, a separate kid’s salon, nail section, pedicure station and a full spa upstairs.

Their spa has a room for couples massages, a dermatology office for skin testing and consultations, a sauna and a hamman bath! For lovers of natural hair; these guys have got you covered.

Can you imagine that they also serve chicken & drinks- not free though (Lol).

If not for your haircut, you can visit the place just to feed your eyes. TrustOrRun will, however, prefer you have a haircut (gentlemen) or fix (beauty queens). Then you can return to write a review.


top 5 hair salons

Bruno’s place is a 10 over 10 hair salon. Well, not my words. But you really need to get here before you get too old to look good.

They offer exquisite barbing and hairdressing services and also sell and market a large selection of hair products.

Bruno’s place launched out when Bruno Oaikhinan quit is banking job & decided to set up a hair salon in Lagos. The beauty of Bruno’s place is its location.

You can go on a shopping spree with your family, and while your kids are busy playing arcade games down the mall and your husband or wife is in the cinema, you will be having your hair fixed. Isn’t that great?


top 5 hair salons

Make Me Beauty Place has won a total of 13 awards both locally and internationally including: 

The 6th China International Nail Art, Model, Makeup & Hair Competition 2013 (second runner-up), The Glam & Essence Style Awards 2012 (best stylist of the year)Encomium Elegance & Style Awards 2011 (best stylist of the year) City People Fashion & Beauty Awards 2011 (beauty salon of the year), FAB Awards 2010 (best hair stylist of the year), Nigeria Models Achievers Awards 2010 (best stylist of the year) The Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology Accomplished Hair Stylist Awards 2009 (for immense contributions to the hair & beauty industry in Nigeria)Recare Award 2008 (for Investments in the Hair & Beauty Industry in Nigeria), proof of the genius and expertise of Make Me Beauty Place.

Hmmmmm. What more can I say? Visit the place before you clock 50. Follow the link below to find Make Me Beauty Place and don’t forget to return for your review


top 5 hair salons

These guys are so good to the extent that they were the MBGN(Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria) pageant’s official salon for a year. They not only specialise in women’s hair but have a high level of professionalism in catering for dude’s hair.

Touch of glamour was established for one purpose: To cater to the beauty needs of people who appreciate the glitz and glamour associated with general grooming of hair, nails, skin, and facials.

This hair salon will definitely make a miss world ( and at least a Mr Nigeria) out of you. But how can you know if you have never been there?


This hair salon is Bobby Eke’s brainchild. This beauty salon tends to the needs of every class in the society. Bobby is a professional and a guru in the hair making landscape of Nigeria.

Our cover picture is showcasing one of the numerous works of Bobby’s signature.

Bobby’s signature was contracted to handle hairdo for more than 50 models who participated in the Native and Vogue fashion show.

We have included bobby’s signature because of the high level of expertise and quality services that customers have highlighted.

So, what is keeping you back? You’ve got this one life. Visit any of these hair salons to give yourself that desirable look.

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