Top 7 Film Industries In The World


In reality, the beauty of watching movies doesn’t only lie in making the time pass slowly away but also replacing boredom with excitement.

All over the world, watching movies has remained a delightful activity for almost everyone, no matter the social class.

This can only mean that the world’s biggest film industries will continue reeling in hundreds and thousands of revenue yearly.

According to public opinion, Hollywood and Bollywood constitute the biggest film industries globally.

Interestingly, there are several other high-profile film industries giving these two giants a run for their money.

As such, we’d like to acquaint you with some of the top movie industries in the world and why they occupy that position.

1) Hollywood (the United States)

A giant film industry established many years ago, Hollywood is otherwise known as “the cinema of the United States” and it is unarguably the world’s biggest film industry.

Within the span of 6 years, precisely from 2009 to 2015, the colossal movie industry garnered the annual revenue of $10.

Over the years, it has stood its ground as the movie industry with the highest revenue generation across the globe.

Having recorded the total revenue of $11.6 billion, Hollywood emerged as the world’s most profitable film industry in 2016.

Some of the impressive achievements the high-ranking film industry is notable for are “Star Wars”, “Gone with the Wind”, and “Titanic”.

2) Cinema of China

China’s status as one of the leading world economies has probably reflected on its film industry –the Cinema of China –which began many years ago.

Although it suffered huge setbacks, beginning with the 1937 Japanese Invasion, the film industry regained momentum long ago and has constantly appeared among the world’s leading film industries.

As regards box office revenue, China seems to have outstripped other film industries.

In 2016, it amassed the net revenue of $6.6 billion, outclassing all other film industries in terms of box office revenue.

3) Cinema of the United Kingdom

Considered Europe’s highest-earning film industry, the film industry of the United Kingdom is undeniably a business empire with colossal revenues.

Meanwhile, it’s been considered one of 2019’s highest-spending movie industries. As recorded in 2017, about $2.04 was gulped by film production in the United Kingdom.

Quite interestingly, the industry will continue in this shape provided the UK government continually cuts down the taxes of movie makers.

4) Cinema of Japan

Having existed for over a century, the Cinema of Japan has risen into the lineup of the world’s biggest film industries in 2019 courtesy of its huge film production.

The Japanese film industry, which garnered about $2 billion in revenue for 2016, is considered one of the world’s oldest film industries.

5) Bollywood (India)

While Hollywood obviously dominates as the richest film industry in the world, Bollywood still emerges best in terms of film production; meaning the India-owned industry produces more films than any other film industry in the world.

Also in terms of viewership and the sale of tickets, Bollywood outclasses all other movie industries.

As recorded in 2009, the highly coveted industry churned out a whopping total of 2,961 films.

Courtesy of its multi-lingual system, Bollywood is deemed a suitable movie industry for people from many other countries and it has been in existence for over 100 years.

6) Cinema of France

Throngs of French people are keen lovers of movies as France is considered the world’s third biggest country in terms of annual movie submissions.

Both in revenue generation and sales of tickets, the French movie industry constantly appears among the world’s leading giants.

In 2015, the industry recorded the colossal aggregate of 2, 113 million cinema visits.

7) Cinema of South Korea

Owing to the favorable increase in its revenue generation and ticket sales, South Korea has maintained its name among the countries with the world’s biggest film industries.

In 2016, the country’s movie industry amassed whopping 217 million ticket sales as against the relatively meager aggregate of 50 million sales recorded in 1998.