7 Ways To Reduce Printing Cost In Your Business

Are you looking for ways to reduce your printing cost for your business? Printing is associated with a lot of cost in a business.

The average office workers use about 10,000 sheets of paper every year and that is why some businesses are now opting to run a paperless company and discouraging the use of printing.

Nonetheless, there are cost-effective ways to bring down the budget for printing in a way that won’t affect your business negatively.

Making some simple tweaks on your printers and following a strict printing policy in your business will help to drive down the cost of printing.

So, to help save your business on printing cost, here are 7 ways to reduce printing cost in your business.

7 ways to reduce printing cost in your business

1) Let your Employees be Aware of the printing goal

Your employees should be notified about using the printer. State the importance of reducing printer costs and how it can benefit your company.

You can inform them about the changes made in utilizing the printer accordingly through announcements, email blasts or notifications.

Your employees should have the proper education about paper and printing reduction so that they can easily follow the implementation.

2) Change the setting on all printers

To reduce waste in printing, change your settings on your printers. You can use double-sided printing instead of single-sided.

Another way is using grayscale setting rather than colored. To save more on ink, use the draft mode and shrink-to-fit mode.

3) Adjust margins and font sizes

Another way of reducing printing cost and paper usage is changing the margins.

Adjust the margins to 0.25 inches instead of using the standard 1-inch margin.

You can also utilize smaller fonts or thin font styles to have more space on your document.

If you really want to reduce printing cost, you don’t need to be formal in printing your documents.

Using the space available on the paper can greatly affect the reduction of printer usage.

4) Think before you print

Since printing can affect the budget of the whole company, it is better to think it through before pressing that print button on your computer.

Make sure you ask yourself first if what you are about to print is really necessary.

Are you sure that what you print is important enough to be on paper or it can be blasted on an email?

You will be surprised to find out that most of your colleagues will prefer digital files when receiving documents especially if it’s not that important to keep.

Presentations and important documents such as financial statements can be prioritized for printing.

If you have large files for printing, why not opt for PDF files as a copy for your colleagues instead.

5) Maintaining your printers

Another way to reduce printer cost is by properly maintaining your printing equipment.

Having a poorly maintained equipment contributes to more printing and paper waste.

Poor printouts and paper jams usually contribute to more printing waste thus increasing printing cost.

Always check and maintain printers to be reliable at all times.

Check ink levels as well as the toner conditions for a more efficient use.

6) Going Digital

To support printing reduction and paper waste reduction, why not go digital?

The proper use of digital devices and technology can greatly affect printing reduction up to 30%. When sending out and sharing letters or other documents, use emails, instant messaging or cloud storage such as Dropbox or google drive.

Opting for electronic mails, notes and documents help supports printing reduction.

In editing documents, a great tool is using proofreading software like Grammarly when making changes so that you don’t have to reprint documents that contain mistakes.

Another great way to contribute to the reduction in printing cost is through installing intranet solutions in your company so that you don’t need to use paper for invoices and records.

7) Implementing printer policies

Having printer policies to support printing reduction is great in the workplace. It also contributes to having an environment -friendly workspace.

Having a management in printing helps control the heavy use of ink in printing.

It can also help limit late night printing for rush presentations.

There are a lot of printer policies to follow depending on the department of the company.

You can come up with your own printer policies by stating your purpose, procedures to be followed as well as the exclusions.

After that, you can then implement it for your employees to know.


If you need some business cards, brochures and envelopes for your business printed, you should consider going for a professional printing company than doing it all by yourself in your company.

It can give you significant cost cut and have the best quality printing.

It can save your money as you are not spending any fixed cost on high-quality printers, not paying employees.

And when you order printing with professional companies in bulk number, you can get a significant discount from the service provider.

The amount of printing generated too can be avoided.

So, hiring professionals is always a good option when you are looking for best quality service and also cut cost.