3 Reasons Why Full Face Helmets Are for You

Whether you’re cruising to work in a major city or exploring an unmarked dirt trail across the country, you need a helmet you can rely on.

Your current helmet may be comfortable, stylish and practical, but does it offer the safety you need?

Here are three reasons why you should use a full face helmet on your bike.

1. Cuts Down Wind Noise

The first reason that full face helmets provide the best head protection on the market is wind noise reduction.

Whether you’re ambling along at a steady 35 miles per hour or flying down the highway going 70 or more, your eardrums will thank you for choosing a full face helmet.

Long roads can be especially uncomfortable without proper ear protection.

2. Less Debris

It only takes one mosquito in the eye or face full of mud spray to realize that a face shield is a worthwhile investment.

Even if your bike has a windshield, flying debris can easily get around the protection and give you an uncomfortable ride.

Even worse, flying debris can be dangerous if traveling at high speeds.

If you wear glasses or contacts, a face full of wind can result in dried out contacts, missing glasses and poor visibility for the rest of your ride.

Protect your face from incoming bugs, unwanted dust and other projectiles by choosing a face mask that offers complete coverage.

3. Improved Safety in an Accident

A full face helmet can reduce your risk of injury by a staggering 69%.

No one plans on taking a tumble, but in the event of an accident you’ll be thankful you have the additional protection of a full face helmet.

From minor bumps to serious accidents, protect your noggin with a premium helmet.

For complete coverage, consider other motorcycle riding gear that protects you from the elements, tumbles and other hazards.

The Downsides of Choosing a Full Face Helmet

No helmet design is perfect. While there’s a lot to love about full face helmets, there’s a reason that other helmet designs exist.

Despite the improved protection and all-around coverage, most full face helmet designs come with these disadvantages:

  • Decreased visibility
  • Larger investment
  •  Enclosed feel

Some riders start to feel claustrophobic in a full face helmet.

If you’re planning a cross-country tour but dread the feeling of a helmet wrapped snug around your entire head, you may want to consider an open face helmet.

All that protection also means you won’t have the same peripheral visibility.

Some riders prefer to see any animal, car or other object that might otherwise blindside a rider with a full face helmet.

Finally, full face helmets, because of their superior design and durable material, often cost more than an open face helmet.

You can’t put a price on the safety it provides, but it is a larger investment for riders on a tight budget.

Find Your New Helmet

Whether you’re picking up your very first street bike helmet or looking for a go-to helmet that will last you years, choose a full face helmet from a reliable brand.

This worthwhile investment will protect you from debris, wind noise and any accidents that may happen on the open road.